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warkboy's Journal

24 June 1985
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Hi, I'm Joel and I'm 23. I've lived around Athens, GA all my life. I play piano and drums. I'm a music, cartoon, and video game nerd...well, really just an all around nerd. I enjoy doing things that involve other things, and sometimes stuff too and also smaller things... I'm no good at bios. Also, I'm a pro at runon sentences.

Xbox Live Gamertag - Warkboy

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Add me on myspace -- Go here to listen to my music, even though it's in disrepair
anime, anime cons, anime conventions, anime weekend atlanta, art, asian kung-fu generation, awa, ayami kojima, azumanga daioh, badly drawn boy, ben folds, ben folds five, billy joel, capcom, castlevania, chicken, chinese food, chocolate, cinemechanica, classical music, clouds, coke, computer science, computers, cosplay, daft punk, ddr, do as infinity, drawing, dreaming, dreams, driving, eating babies, engrish, explosions in the sky, fall out boy, fantasies, fantasy, final fantasy, fire emblem, fixing electronics, forests, friends, friendship, glay, green day, guitar wolf, illusion of gaia, jamiroquai, japan, japanese food, john mayer, jpop, jrock, kenji ito, kind of crap, kingdom hearts, konami, laughter, looking at the sky, love, making music, maroon 5, masashi hamauzu, megaman, michiru yamane, motoi sakuraba, movies, muse, music, namco, narikiri dungeon, narikiri dungeon 2, narikiri dungeon 3, new york, night, ninja, ninja pirates, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, noriyuki iwadare, open fields, panic! at the disco, phantasy star online, photoshop, piano, pirate ninjas, pirates, plastic tree, queen, quiznos, rain, ramune, relaxing, road trips, rockman, romance, rpgmaker, rpgs, saga frontier, saga series, schlotzskys, science fiction, seiken densetsu, shannon, sleep, sleeping, soul blazer, square-enix, squeenix, stan bush, star ocean, star ocean 2, star ocean 3, star wars, stars, steve conte, storms, subway, swords, taking pictures, tales of destiny, tales of destiny 2, tales of eternia, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tech stuff, terranigma, the flaming lips, the pillows, the sky, the woods, traveling, tri-ace, video games, we versus the shark, wind, wolf's rain, yasunori mitsuda, yoko kanno, yoko shimomura, yoshitaka amano